Amazon overtakes Google and Apple to become the worlds most valuable brand, accordingly to a recent report.

Apple and Google previously held the top two spots for the most valuable brand last year, with Amazon in third place.

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The Worlds Most Valuable Brands June 2019

  1. Amazon $315.5 billion.
  2. Apple $309.5 billion.
  3. Google $309 billion.
  4. Microsoft $251.2 billion.
  5. Visa $177.9 billion.
  6. Facebook $159 billion.

The e-commerce giant’s smart acquisitions have led to new revenue streams and its ability to stay ahead of its competitors by offering a diverse eco-system of products and services has been a huge success.

Amazon’s technology strengths, combined with an almost fearless approach, has diversified into a range of offers from cloud computing to smart devices, from payment systems to high quality entertainment.

As the boundaries between traditional businesses blur, the price-led retailer has evolved into an ‘ecosystem brand’, seizing opportunities through excellent customer service, ease of use, speed and reliability.