When starting up a new business, it is extremely important to remember that the primary force that drives purchasing around the world is the fundamental need to solve a problem.

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Why should you become a problem solver?

Many businesses claim to understand this process, but their digital marketing efforts revolve around selling their product. The golden rule to remember here is:

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product you offer”

Online searchers have problems they need to solve. Do your products or services solve problems?

To have the best possible chance or success, you should be fully aware of your prospects current difficulties and struggles and the impact they have. Only then can you truly understand if your products and services can solve one or more of those problems.

Many businesses fail because they are trying to solve problems that don’t really exist or there is not enough need. Additionally, some will fail because of their digital marketing and user experience.

Your Website Should Solve Problems While You Sleep

You should treat your website like an employee who works hard for you 24/7 and invest in it accordingly. Your website and digital marketing activity is key to help you become the best possible problem solvers. If you can solve problems, people will buy your products and services.

To put this in context, let us assume you sell beds. Selling the bed based on the fact that is has 9 million springs or 14 layers of memory foam are not reasons to buy.

“Sell a good nights’ sleep, not a mattress”

If you can remember this, you’re well on your way to becoming a master problem solver.

We will work with you to become the best possible problem solvers so that you can better address your customers needs and achieve your business goals.