It’s 2019. Yes really it is! So why does it still say 2016 in your website footer? This short article contains a quick tip about updating the date in your website footer and how you can automate this process.

One less thing removed from your annual todo list. Get in!

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Update Your Website Footer

A simple task that often gets overlooked is to update your footer with the latest date. Many websites have old dates in footer as they have not been updated. Worse still some have even older dates. It’s only a small thing but it doesn’t look good and potential prospects may think you went out of business in 2010!

So there’s no time like the present to action this and to ensure you don’t have to repeat this task every year, make sure it’s dynamic this time. Here’s a handy guide for you or your developers that will ensure this task doesn’t crop up every year on your todo list.